Orange bathroom

Orange is good to use in the interior of the bathroom.

Orange bathroom chosen by people young and prone to creative experiments. And yet, his love interior designers, it’s very sunny, warm and bright color.

Orange lifts the mood and gives energy for the whole day, which is why this color is good to use in the interior of the bathroom. After all, with this room you start your morning!

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Purple color in the interior and decor

Purple color

Purple color in the interior can be used in any room. He gives the room a noble luxury. Very good use of all shades of that color in the bedroom and bathroom, as they soothe and relax. Using purple color, it is necessary to pay attention to its various shades, as a pure violet in large numbers can make the room dark and gloomy.

Tip: use this color for placed accents in the interior.

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Christmas decor. Home decorating

Christmas decor

Christmas decor is primarily the presence of Christmas trees. Her jewelry today is very diverse: from sweets and biscuits, to a wide range of household utensils (forks, spoons, cups). The most traditional decoration this Christmas toys: special balls and shapes that can be made from different materials. Many beautiful toys made of glass, made and painted by hand give your interior a fabulous and charming look.

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Metal elements in the interior


Metal is primarily a material often used in high-tech style. Here, the most commonly used steel. His brilliant structure gives a special chic interior. Metal often used for finishing dishes in high-tech style. Often we see the finish of this material fronts of kitchen furniture. Very interesting and original look of steel countertops.

Just use some other interesting metals such as copper, brass or bronze. They give the interior a very different effect in contrast to steel. These precious metals give the interior a certain noble antiquity and sophistication.

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